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“BREAST360 provides much needed breast health support for every woman. It includes powerful plant extracts with antioxidant activity. Best taken daily as part of a health routine.– Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart PhD

Breast health matters

  • The modern lifestyle exposes us to thousands of man-made chemicals daily and every year we use more new products.
  • From air pollution, environmental toxins and volatile organic chemicals, to aluminium in our deodorants, parabens and phtalates in soaps, perfume, skin care and make-up we use daily.
  • From the pesticides and plastics leaking into our food, to the hormones in contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), large amounts of chemicals are being absorbed by humans, living organisms and our environment, ending up in our drinking water, rivers and polluting our oceans. 
  • These chemicals affect our body by releasing a large amount of highly damaging molecules called free radicals. Our immune system can defend against free radicals, especially at a young age.
  • Over time, the free radicals are overwhelming our natural defences, piercing the cellular membrane, damaging the cell and causing a state of oxidative stress.
  • Daily antioxidant support is essential for cellular health, reducing oxidative stress, thus maintaining optimal health. 
breast risk factors infographic

Shouldn’t we be paying a bit more attention to our breast health? When we talk about our breasts, it is usually linked to:

  • Bras – we do not think twice about squashing them in poorly fitted bras. And let’s not even talk about sport bras.
  • Breastfeeding – the joy and pain of feeding our babies.
  • Breast implants – that’s another whole chapter for many women today.
  • Breast mammography and breast screening.

It is about time we start thinking – BREAST HEALTH matters

Breast 360 bottle

Oxidative stress is a natural phenomenon caused by an imbalance between accumulation of free radicals in cells and the ability of a biological system to defend and neutralise these reactive products.

Daily metabolism (cellular respiration, energy production) and exposure to pollution, UV and ionizing radiation, chemicals, and hormone disruptors, all cause a large amount of free radicals leading to cell and tissue damage (oxidative stress).

The antioxidant potential of foods is assessed based on their capacity to absorb and neutralise free radicals. It is called the ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) and was developed by the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

Getting enough antioxidants daily creates a positive ‘daily health balance’ and is key to cellular function, strong immunity and optimal health.

According to NHS advice, we should all be Breast Aware.

Are YOU taking care of your breast health?


Innovative blend of plant extracts & minerals to support Breast Health

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