Dr. Naomi Newman-Beinart, PhD

UTIs are preventable. Yet they are not routinely prevented.
When UTI symptoms hit again, remember, you have choices, and one of those choices is URALIX.

Uralix is a patent pending, bioactive, herbal supplement based on years of research and development. With evidence-based natural anti-inflammatory herbal extracts, URALIX supports bladder function and helps to maintain urinary health.

Here, GP Dr Gemma Newman and health expert Dr. Naomi Newman-Beinart (PhD) detail  the top reasons why taking URALIX is different to taking an antibiotic, and why they personally recommend URALIX:

  1. Because UTIs are the top reason for the most antibiotic prescriptions in doctors’ surgeries according to Dr Newman.
  2. Because people are becoming antibiotic resistant after being prescribed antibiotics on an ongoing basis to help clear UTIs. It is known that around 50% of infections no longer respond to the main classes of antibiotics (WHO & Welcome Trust).
  3. Because we are currently in the midst of a global crisis of antibiotic resistance. The news headlines warn that global deaths from antibiotic resistant superbugs have increased sevenfold in the last 5 years (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10729477).
  4. Because antibiotics are essential in hospitals for trauma, surgeries, cancer and sepsis, and need to be safeguarded for serious cases – using them regularly for UTIs can render them ineffective.
  5. Because 20-30% percent of Sepsis cases actually originate in the urinary tract – enough said!
  6. Because URALIX is a natural and effective supplement that does not have the side-effects you can get from antibiotics. Long-term antibiotic use can have serious side-effects and cause damage to the liver (Amoxicillin), kidneys (Aminoglycosides, Cephalosporins), and can also cause nerve, muscle and joint damage (Fluoroquinolones).
  7. Because chronic UTIs are proven to be caused by bacterial biofilms, which are mucus barriers in the bladder that antibiotics CANNOT penetrate to reach the bacteria burrowed in the tissue.
  8. “Women at menopause could benefit from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, clinically researched plant extracts, like Boswellia, Turmeric, D-Mannose, Green Tea polyphenols and Pumpkin seed, that support our urinary tract and help avoid bladder symptoms and ongoing antibiotic courses. URALIX is a new UK manufactured vegetarian supplement which is a blend of this natural botanical products in combination, which has been specifically designed to improve urinary health. A combined approach is needed to address the above factors in order to clear and prevent the serious effect UTIs have on the quality of life and prevent complications that can lead to kidney damage, depression, social isolation and ultimately reducing the burden on the healthcare system.” Dr Gemma Newman MBBCH DRCOG DFSRH MRCGP
  9. Because URALIX works differently to antibiotics. URALIXimproves symptoms by addressing both the bacteria and the bladder inflammation through its anti-inflammatory properties, and importantly, it helps to stop the E.coli bacteria sticking to the walls of the bladder, even the antibiotic resistant ones!
  10. Because URALIX can be used as a preventative measure to reduce the impact and occurrence of UTIs, without the damaging side-effects of antibiotics and without further impacting on the problem of antibiotic resistance.
  11. Because URALIX won’t damage the healthy bacteria in your body, leaving your microbiome in its best working condition to help support your general health.
  12. Because URALIX was developed and manufactured in the UK by a medical professional who was experiencing chronic UTIs, and is based on well researched natural ingredients that help maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Here are 12 excellent reasons URALIX is recommended by health professionals to support bladder health. The take home message is to remember that antibiotic resistance is a global crisis that will not improve if we continue to take antibiotics on an ongoing basis. It is physically and emotionally exhausting to live with recurrent UTIs and URALIX is an antibiotic-free option that is based on research and has been tried and tested by women and men all over the UK and beyond.

NOTE: It is important that you see your GP if you think you have a UTI. Do discuss alternative options with them, and if you are prescribed antibiotics to treat chronic UTIs, ask for an ANTIBIOGRAM to check which medication is least and most likely to work for you.



Dr. Naomi Newman-Beinart, PhD

Nutritionist (BSc) & Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) (PhD)

Member of the CThA & Division of Health Psychology, BPS