See how Denise treated and cleared her frequent UTIs with URALIX. Today she is UTI free and continues to take URALIX daily as prevention.

When women talk about urinary tract infections, they use different terms: Cystitis, UTI, water infection, Interstitial Cystitis, they all refer to the very familiar symptoms of bladder infection: burning bladder pain when emptying the bladder, uncontrolled urge to urinate, frequent urination, lower abdominal pain, cloudy urine, or even blood in urine in acute urinary tract infections.

Approximately half of the women are affected by urinary tract infections and are searching for Cystitis/UTI relief and treatments.

While antibiotics are the standard treatment for cystitis, due to decades of antibiotics overuse, research by the World Health Organisation shows that bacteria causing the UTIs has developed resistance to antibiotics in half the cases.

Today the number of effective antibiotics for urinary tract infections is limited and multiple cycles of antibiotics are prescribed for treatment of bladder infections, causing numerous side effects like yeast infections, abdominal problems, allergies and further increasing the antibiotic resistance.

As a consequence, the number of recurring and chronic UTIs in the last decade has increased causing complications like serious kidney infections requiring hospitalisation and even sepsis.

NHS and Nice guidelines for urinary tract infections treatment include a short course of antibiotics once infection has been confirmed by urine testing.

Natural alternative methods of preventing Cystitis and urinary tract infection are recommended for all women.

URALIX can help in cases of Cystitis/UTI due to its bioactive clinically tested ingredients.

“In the past, it was relatively easy to deal with bladder infections, few days of antibiotics were the answer. Now, as bacteria are increasingly resistant to antibiotics, urinary tract infections are becoming more prevalent, leaving us stuck in an endless cycle of UTIs, antibiotics and yeast infections. Based on my experience, that dreadful burning bladder pain needs to be addressed at the first symptom: do not allow it to take hold in the bladder, as it can quickly lead to kidney damage and even sepsis. Cranberry juice didn’t help, but I tried URALIX – a herbal complex that addressed both the bacteria settled in the bladder, and the inflammation of the bladder wall that caused the pain and running to the loo all the time.

In few days the symptoms were gone, and I continue taking 4 capsules a day in order to prevent bladder symptoms and to maintain a health urinary tract. I am feeling great, and URALIX is now part of my health routine.

If you are stuck with frequent UTIs, give it a try”