Do not let the prostate control your day.

Enjoy life without interruptions.

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Evidence based botanical supplement formulated to

  • support for the prostate and the bladder,
  • help reduce the frequency of urination,
  • support vitality levels,
  • support healthy blood flow,
  • support immune health.
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Men would benefit from taking care of their prostate health from the age of 50, before prostate enlargement starts causing symptoms that can get worse over time. Prevention is the best approach. Studies show that men can benefit from botanical extracts like Lycopene, Embilica Officinalis, Berberine, Pumpkin Seed and Nettle and minerals like Selenium, that can support prostate and bladder health, normal circulation, vitality, and can help reduce the frequency of urination. As prostate enlargement is a chronic condition affecting men for decades, prostate support needs to be taken daily for long term health benefits.”

“I recommend PROSTATE360 for men over 50. Dr N. Patel BSc, MBBS, DCH, MRCGP

Let’s start talking about men’s health.

  • Do you wish you could sleep without interruptions?
  • Is your prostate effecting your intimacy and relationships?
  • Are you always looking for the closest bathroom?

If the answer is yes, it is vital to focus on specific issues effecting the majority of men over the age of 40. The single most prevalent issue is prostate enlargement or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH).

The prostate gland is intimately involved in the health of any man. It is the most common problem impacting men’s lives for decades.

“Protecting prostate health is crucial for men over 50. Based
on multiple plant extracts and minerals with a protective role,
PROSTATE360 offers daily support for the prostate and bladder as well as supporting restful night’s sleep and improved
vitality levels.” – Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart, PhD

Aging is a natural process, not a disease. But the aging process reduces our natural immunity and our ability to protect our cells from free radicals. When we are young, our bodies effectively break down, irritating free radicals, protecting us from their harmful effects. But as we age, this natural mechanism stops working as efficiently, leading to chronic  inflammation that is often concentrated in the prostate. The prostate becomes swollen, compressing the urethra and pushing up against the bladder.

Guarding the prostate from free radical damage by boosting your antioxidant defense helps reduce prostate inflammation, allowing you to urinate comfortably.

PROSTATE360 is a new evidence based botanical food supplement developed and manufactured in the UK.
Taken daily, the carefully selected ingredients:

  • help maintain a healthy prostate and bladder function

  • help reduce the frequency of urination

  • contribute to a healthy circulation, vitality and wellbeing

  • support the imune system
  • protect the prostate cells from oxidative damage

  • support normal sperm production

Prostate Health matters at all ages, according to the American Urological Association:

  • 90% of men between 45-80 suffer from some type of lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS).
  • About half of all men between 51-60 have Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH).
  • Up to 90% of men over age 80 have BPH.

Maintaining a healthy weight, being active, stopping smoking and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables daily can help your general health.

Ben B, 61

I was able to focus on my shots and enjoy a round of golf without interruptions. And my card looked much better. Great product.

A. L.

I have started taking Prostate360  because I couldn’t enjoy cycling anymore. Stopping on the road every hour or so was extremely embarrassing as my cycling group had to wait for me. Not anymore. I can enjoy my ride smoothly.

Johny G. 66

I have started taking Prostate360 few weeks ago. Watching a match with my mates is really good fun now. No more running for the bathroom praying I won’t miss a goal. I was frustrated with missing shots and always trying to catch up. I feel I am back in the game now.

Daniel S. 55

As a CEO of an international business, I frequently meet people at different locations. My frequent bathroom runs were becoming a pattern. I was always excusing myself, asking for directions to the nearest bathroom, it made me feel extremely self-conscious. There were times when I simply couldn’t conclude a transaction. A friend suggested I look for a solution. I have tried different things, but what helps me is Prostate360. I take 4 tablets in the morning and can work through the day as I used to.

Michael C 46

I commute to work, it takes me over one hour each way. Many times I had to stop and run looking for a public toilet.  For me Prostate360 is a necessity.


PROSTATE360 includes antioxidant plant extracts, Selenium, Lycopene, Nettle and Pumpkin seed extract all working synergistically to support prostate and urinary health.

  • Antioxidants are natural molecules that neutralise free radicals and help eliminate toxic substances protecting us from oxidative stress.
  • Taken daily in combination with a healthy lifestyle, it contributes to urinary and bladder comfort, wellbeing and vitality.
  • Safety is our priority. Every ingredient was rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial levels according to stringent UK & EU standards.
  • According to current regulations for food supplements EC 1924/2006 Art 13(1) only the EU approved health claims are presented below.
  • Dosage -4 tablets per day, with food.

AMLA BERRY (Embillica oficinalis) – commonly referred to as Indian Gooseberry has potent antioxidant properties. In fact it has the highest amount of antioxidants amongst all fruits and vegetable due to its active molecules: polyphenols, especially tannins and flavonoids with exceptional health benefits. Amla powder has an ORAC value of 261,500 units, whilst blueberries have an ORAC value of 4,669. This equals 56 times more antioxidant capacity than the mighty blueberry. This antioxidant effect is essential for cellular health and immunity. Amla was found to contributes to physical well-being (#2858).

REISHI (Ganoderma lucidum) – is a mushroom growing in Asia well known for a broad range of bioactivities. It has antioxidant properties and supports the immune system through its complex sugars known as beta-glucose. It plays an important role in immunological defenses and circulatory health (#3764, #4408).

NETTLE ROOT EXTRACT – contains sterols, flavoniods, caffeic acid and terpenes having a wide range of health benefits. It has an important beneficial role in prostate and bladder health. It also contributes to healthy blood circulation, protects against inflammation, supporting vitality, joint health and immune health. (#2346, #2152, #2177, #3834, #3835, #3893, #3894, #2498).

BERBERINE- plant extract from Berberis aristata, also known as tree turmeric has been used for a long time for health maintenance. In spite of over thousands of studies, it is considered a novel food supplements and under EU regulations does not have permitted health claims.

LYCOPENE – is the red pigment found in tomatoes, and the most powerful antioxidant in the carotenoid family. It is an oxidant, thus protecting the prostate cells from oxidative stress which can cause chronic inflammation. It plays an important role in cardiovascular health supporting a healthy blood flow.

maintains a healthy prostate and bladder function that contributes to urinary and bladder comfort ( #2365)

SELENIUM – is an important micronutrient that we cannot produce and we need a daily intake for health maintenance. Selenium contributes cellular protection from oxidative stress, supports normal sperm production, contributes to the normal function of the immune system. (#277, #278, #279, #282, #283, #286, #410, #1289, #1290, 1291, #1292, 1293, #1251).


Natural support for the prostate and the bladder.

Prostate 360 bottle
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