Why are women more likely to have UTIs?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are more frequent in women mostly due to the female anatomy. Anatomy puts women at a huge disadvantage as opposed to men, because in women, the urethra is only 2-4 centimetres long so bacteria can reach the bladder very easy. The urethra, the vagina and the anus are close to each other, meaning that it is not too hard for unwanted bacteria to make its way into a woman’s urethra.

Risk factors for UTIs:

Your risk of getting UTIs is based on numerous factors including healthy vaginal flora, hygiene habits, lifestyle, and birth control methods. Sex is also a major risk factor for women of all ages, especially those in menopause, as with increasing age come hormonal changes that increase the likelihood of developing UTIs.

Let’s talk about sex…

Sex triggered UTIs are the bane of so many sexually active women, irrespective of age. But, before we go on, I can hear you asking: “how can sex cause UTIs in women?” Well, Dr Lakeisha Richardson (MD, OB-GYN) explains that “during sexual intercourse, thrusting can introduce bacteria up the urethra and into the bladder, increasing the risk of a UTI”.

Preliminary data from a research study in Florida found that engaging in sexual activity increased the likelihood of younger women having their first UTI*. These findings supported results from previous studies that also found sexual activity increases risk for UTIs. So, what can you do if you enjoy a healthy sex life but are plagued by painful UTIs?

What can I do to prevent or reduce sex triggered UTIs?

The majority of women suffering from UTIs after sexual activity end up with an antibiotic prescription. That usually means taking antibiotics long term! Every time you engage in sexual activity! Unfortunately, in this era of antibiotic resistant bacteria, over 50% of UTI fail to respond to antibiotics according to research from Welcome Trust published in the British Medical Journal.

Professor Sally Davis, England’s former Chief Medical Officer warns: ‘Antibiotics are leading us down a path of disaster’

In fact antibiotic resistance is the cause of an exponential growth in chronic, recurring UTIs cases that are making women’s life a misery.

A new UK developed and manufactured herbal food supplement offers a natural preventative approach to this problem.

URALIX is a novel patent pending antibiotic-free, evidence-based botanical supplement for long term bladder support and urinary health. URALIX capsules contain a well-researched blend of natural ingredients that have been found to reduce inflammation of the bladder plus prevent E. coli sticking to the wall of the bladder. If you are prone to sex triggered UTIs, try taking 4 URALIX capsules 1 hour before sex, 4 capsules 1 hour after and 4 capsules the morning after to help protect the bladder from the bacteria getting into the bladder wall cells.

How does URALIX work?

 URALIX ingredients work together to:

  • Target the E.coli bacteria by flushing it out when the bladder is emptied,
  • Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress at the cellular level,
  • Protect the healthy bacteria in your body,
  • Support a healthy immune response and circulation,
  • Support long-term bladder function and urinary health,
  • Help reduce the frequency of urination.

An important note….

If you already have UTI symptoms, (pain and burning sensation when passing urine, frequent urination, lower abdominal pain) it is recommended to avoid intercourse as it may cause reinfection or introduce a new source of bacteria. This can lead to a longer recovery time. If you’re eager to engage in sexual activity before your infection is cleared up, work with your partner to find a style or position that is comfortable and enjoyable. If you continue to have pain despite your UTI treatment, make an appointment and follow up with your doctor.