Dismissed as  ‘women’s problem’ for decades, and approached as ‘few days of antibiotics will do the job’ Urinary Tract Infections are today recognized as a serious public health issue with 20-30% of sepsis cases originating in the Urinary tract.

There is no secret that over half of women experience urinary tract infections at all ages, and  due to antimicrobial resistance they keep reoccurring, with numerous cases becoming recurrent or chronic.

UTIs are having a significant impact on patients’ quality of life, mental health, global healthcare cost, and the economy.

The current UTI ‘standard of care’ established in the 1960s is failing. There is an urgent need for novel UTI solutions.

Over 80 % of UTIs are resistant to at last 2 types of antibiotics.“…the end of the road isn’t very far away for antibiotics — where we have patients… getting UTIs for which we do not have antibiotics.” Dr Tom Frieden, CDC Director.

Protected under UK & US patents and trademarks, Uralix is the only OTC /herbal complex in the urinary health space backed by real world evidence that has helped numerous women address and resolve recurring UTI symptoms.

It was developed following years of research by a medical professional who suffered herself from recurring UTIs for over 30 years, and is currently manufactured and marketed in the UK.

Third party laboratory testing has shown a strong inhibitory effect in E. coli cultures, while real word data from women aged 26-94 shows overwhelming results when following the recommended protocol.

As opposed to antibiotics, Uralix has multiple benefits:

  • does not cause yeast infections and does not affect the gut microbiome;
  • disrupts the biofilm that antibiotics cannot penetrate and can address antibiotic resistant UTIs;
  • prevents bacterial colonization of the bladder when taken daily Combats bladder wall inflammation caused by bacterial colonization of the Urothelium;
  • mitigates Overactive Bladder Symptoms OAB symptoms reducing frequency of urination
  • can prevent the Post coital (Sex triggered) UTIs symptoms following our proprietary prevention protocol;
  • can be used long term as well as together with antibiotics if they are prescribed by a medical professional;
  • enables menopause urinary health maintenance and comfort;
  • can be used by men affected by LUTI symptoms due to Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
  • suitable for long term use in people with recurring UTI & in high-risk categories: diabetics, older people, nursing homes;

 Importantly, due to the various bio actives with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, it acts on all the aspects of a bladder infection, and it was shown not to cause antimicrobial resistance as it happens following antibiotic use.

Real Life evidence

  • UTI symptoms clearance – average 4.2 days
  • UTI free period – >12 months & ongoing on maintenance
  • 4% subjects used the URALIX protocol to prevent post coital UTIs with 100% success
  • Long term use (over 6 months) maintenance – 69.9% subjects
  • Subjects rated URALIX efficacy: 8% Better or Same as AB. (Better than AB 66.6% & Same as 18.2%)
  • No yeast infections

The IP to Uralix is held by Biocell Ltd. and the company is looking for a licensing partner for the UK and US markets. Contact information: contact@biocellhealth.co.uk

“Based on clinical research showing the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of its ingredients, Uralix could help prevent urinary symptoms when taken before and after sexual activity. The natural ingredients could also support other aspects of bladder and urinary tract health too.” Dr Gemma Newman, MBBCH DRCOG DFSRH MRCGP

 “Bladder infections are extremely common and are one of the most distressing conditions affecting women of all ages, requesting effective and rapid relief. The overwhelmingly positive response after taking Uralix is very encouraging, and in line with the NHS guidelines of reducing antibiotics overuse.” Arvind Gautama, M Pharm

 ’’Uralix is a bioactive herbal formulation with evidence-based activity recommended for women of all ages, as well as men needing support for bladder function and urinary health.

It is recommended to be taken daily for long term health benefits.’’ Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart PhD