“I am 70 years old and had many bladder infections over the years. My daughter suggested I try this herbal product and it worked really well. I feel very good and will have it handy for next time.”

Gabriella 70


“Uralix is fantastic, I have no symptoms now, I have left urinary tract infections in the past.”

Tamar 25


“I tried Uralix – a herbal complex that addressed both the bacteria settled in the bladder, and the inflammation of the bladder wall that caused the pain and running to the loo all the time. In few days the symptoms were gone, and I continue taking 4 capsules a day in order to prevent bladder symptoms and to maintain a health urinary tract. I am feeling great, and URALIX is now part of my health routine.”


“URALIX helped me feel good, no more bladder symptoms.”

Ben 61

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Best INSTA story from Marnie Simpson @marns TV reality star, business woman and mother, who shared with her 4 million followers her UTI struggles and the positive experience she had with URALIX.




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  1. Marguerita H. (Verified Purchase)

    Since starting Uralic I have noticed an improvement in my bladder function and hope this continues. I plan to finish the recommended dosage and feel sure the improvement will continue.

  2. Rosemary (Verified Purchase)

    Uralix was recommended by two friends, and I decided to give it a try. Very happy with this product.

  3. Joan (Verified Purchase)

    I have purchased the large Uralix bottle and I find it really helpful. It sorted all my symptoms. Thanks

  4. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you so much for a great product that helped me regain my bladder health.

  5. Judy (Verified Purchase)

    What can I say about Uralix? It massively improved my bladder health. Really grateful.


Natural support for the prostate and the bladder.

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Promotes urinary health.

URALIX - natural remedy for cystitis/UTI for woman and men
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Innovative breast health protection.

URALIX - natural remedy for cystitis/UTI for woman and men
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