“I am 70 years old and had many bladder infections over the years. My daughter suggested I try this herbal product and it worked really well. I feel very good and will have it handy for next time.”

Gabriella 70


“Uralix is fantastic, I have no symptoms now, I have left urinary tract infections in the past.”

Tamar 25


“I tried Uralix – a herbal complex that addressed both the bacteria settled in the bladder, and the inflammation of the bladder wall that caused the pain and running to the loo all the time. In few days the symptoms were gone, and I continue taking 4 capsules a day in order to prevent bladder symptoms and to maintain a health urinary tract. I am feeling great, and URALIX is now part of my health routine.”


“URALIX helped me feel good, no more bladder symptoms.”

Ben 61

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Best INSTA story from Marnie Simpson @marns TV reality star, business woman and mother, who shared with her 4 million followers her UTI struggles and the positive experience she had with URALIX.


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  1. It does the job. No more antibiotics after years of suffering

  2. very good

  3. I used to get cystitis at least three times a year… since taking Uralix on a daily basis I’ve only had one flare up in 18 months! Fabulous…

  4. I suffer with recurrent UTI and kidney infections after a C-section 13 years ago. I discovered URALIX and they are starting to help. What’s incredible is I disturbed a wasp nest last summer and got badly stung, suffering an allergic reaction and many stings. My body continued to react long after the stings cleared up. Nearly 8 months later with antihistamines every day, I noticed my reactions had stopped after taking URALIX. I think there may be many health benefits and my doctor was amazed. I won’t be stopping taking this.


Natural support for the prostate and the bladder.

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Promotes urinary health.

URALIX - natural remedy for cystitis/UTI for woman and men