UTIs are preventable. Yet they are not routinely prevented.
When UTI symptoms hit again, remember, you have choices.
Here are 15 reasons why you could try a different approach.

  1. Because antibiotic resistance is a global crisis. “…the end of the road isn’t very far away for antibiotics — where we have patients… getting UTIs for which we do not have antibiotics.” Dr Tom Frieden, CDC Director.
  2. Because 50% of infections do not respond to the main classes of antibiotics (WHO & Welcome Trust research)
  3. Because the number of chronic and complicated urinary tract infections has grown alarmingly in the last decade, and antibiotics further increase the antibiotics resistance. The more we use them, the stronger the bacteria become.
  4. Because chronic infections are proven to be biofilm based: a mucus barrier that antibiotics CANNOT penetrate to reach the bacteria burrowed in the tissue.
  5. Because 20-30% percent of Sepsis cases originate in the urinary tract.
  6. Because of the serious side effects and damage to the liver (Amoxicillin) kidneys (Aminoglycosides, Cephalosporins) nerve, muscle and joint damage (Fluoroquinolones).
  7. Because of yeast infections that stick for ever…. need we say more?
  8. Because just trying to kill bacteria in our bodies on a regular basis, damages the healthy bacteria supporting our immune system, making us prone to future, more severe infections. As the human body is colonised by bacteria at birth, we have 10 times x more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies. The human microbiome was proven to have a protective role in our health.
  9. Because the large number of people globally suffering from pre-diabetes and diabetes that get regular UTIs and the huge increase in the number of people allergic to antibiotics.
  10. Because of increasing cancer cases where the chemo and radiation already weakened the immune system.
  11. Because antibiotics given in childhoodare at the root of our most serious emerging modern maladies: from asthma and food allergies to obesity and certain cancers” Nirav Shah, MD, MPH, Commissioner, New York State Department of Health
  12. Because the antibiotics are absolutely essential in hospitals for trauma, surgeries and Sepsis, and need to be safeguarded for serious cases – using them regularly for UTIs renders them ineffective.
  13. Because the healthcare standards have evolved so much since the 1960’s, yet we still treat UTIs according to decades-old standards when we thought urine is sterile and antibiotics worked like a dream.
  14. Because URALIX works entirely different than antibiotics, it eliminates the pathogenic E. coli bacteria in the urinary tract – even the antibiotic resistant ones- without side effects, has a proven anti-inflammatory effect on the bladder and the urinary tract and helps reduce the symptoms of an overactive bladder (OAB).
  15. Because it was developed and manufactured in the UK by a doctor experiencing chronic UTIs, and is based on clinically researched natural ingredients that help maintain a healthy urinary tract.